Chuck Deardorf

“Transparence” (March 2011) Chuck Deardorf Origin *
“Portal” (2004) Deardorf/Peterson Group Origin **
“Worth Waiting For” P.J. Perry/Kenny Barron Jazz Alliance
“Live at Jazz Alley” Bud Shank Quartet Contemporary/Fantasy
“Tales of the Pilot” Bud Shank/Dave Peck Capri
“The Lost Cathedral” Bud Shank I.T.M.
“Current” Jovino Santos Neto Adventure
“Live in Olympia” Jovino Santos Neto Liquid City
“Caboclo” Jovino Santos Neto Liquid City
“Canto Do Rio” Jovino Santos Neto Liquid City
"Live at the Sky Church" Larry Coryell Rhombus
“Don Lanphere/Larry Coryell” Don Lanphere/Larry Coryell Hep
“Go” Don Lanphere Hep
“Stop” Don Lanphere Hep
“Year ‘Round Christmas” Don Lanphere Hep/Origin
"American Songs" Kelly Harland Thinking/Pictures**
“Twelve Times Romance” Kelly Harland Origin **
“Long Ago and Far Away” Kelly Harland Origin *
“Reunion” Caliman/Christlieb Origin
“Inner Mission” Cole/Brecker Origin
“Shade” Cole/Brecker Origin
“Convergence Zone” Phil Kelly Origin
“Trio” Dave Peck Let’s Play Stella
“Three and One” Dave Peck Trio Let’s Play Stella
"Photographs" Barney McClure MNOP
“Among Friends” Barney McClure Sage Arts
“Not a Day Goes By” Barney McClure Sage Arts/BAM
"The Power of a Hat" Gunnar Madsen G-Spot
"Kelly's Heroes" Pete Christlieb/Bill Ramsay CARS
“After Image” David Peterson Nebula
“Wish I Were Here” Blue Sky Bannerworks
*  Producer **Co-producer  
“Zeus and Roxanne” Film score released 1996
“Introducing the Abbots” Film score released 1997
“The Wrong Guy” Film score released 1997
“Dust and Stardust” Film score released 1998
“Smoke Signals” Film score released 1998
“Barney’s Great Adventure” Film score released 1998
“Office Space” Film Score released 1999
“Skins” Film score released 2001
“Runaway Jury” Film score released 2003