Chuck Deardorf


CD cover art for "Transparence"CHUCK DEARDORF:

Origin 82587
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1 Collage 5:39
2 Alone Together 7:22
3 Dear Prudence 7:54
4 Bruzette 6:23
5 Moon and Sand 5:55
6 De Mansinho 6:18
7 Sweet Lorraine 3:46
8 Zingaro 7:47
9 Creatinine 6:20
10 The Peacocks 9:21

Veteran acoustic and electric bassist Chuck Deardorf brings together a broad collection of musical friends to create an album full of spontaneous interaction, gritty grooves and melodic beauty. Along with pianists Bill Mays and Jovino Santos Neto, guitarists Bruce Forman, Dave Peterson and Rick Peckham, as well as a host of other world-class players, Deardorf explores fresh originals, reconstructed standards and even a new take on the Beatles’ "Dear Prudence," displaying the creative vision that has made him a favorite musical partner to the countless jazz legends he's accompanied over the years.

Produced by Chuck Deardorf
Recorded by David Lange and Garey Shelton at David Lange Studio, Garey Shelton Studio,
and Banff Centre for the Arts
Recorded 2007-2010
Mixed by David Lange/Garey Shelton at David Lange Studio/Garey Shelton Studio
Mastered by Ross Nyberg, Ross Nyberg Mastering, Issaquah, WA
Cover photographs by Ray Deardorf
Deardorf photo by Tim Rounds
Cover design by John Bishop

Chuck Deardorf - acoustic bass, fretted and fretless basses
Bill Mays - piano
Bruce Forman - electric / acoustic guitar
Jovino Santos-Neto - Rhodes piano
Dave Peterson - guitar
Rick Peckham - guitar
Hans Teuber - alto and tenor saxophone
Richard Cole - tenor saxophone
Mark Ivester - drums
Gary Hobbs - drums, cajon drum set
Michael Spiro - conga, percussion
Jeff Busch - percussion
Terry Lauber - acoustic guitar
John Burrow - digital collage